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    What are Man Cans? 


    Man Cans are unique “guy” boxes we created as a way to raise funds to support our YouTube channel “Iraqveteran8888”. Man Cans are mystery boxes at heart. Each month we select a theme for the contents in that box, you place the order and about 30-45 days later we deliver a box of cool and useful items as a thank you for your support and patronage. The funds we receive from Man Can sales allow us to create engaging and entertaining content for our YouTube channel (which has now grown to over 2.1 million subscribers with more than 550,000,000 lifetime views). Those funds also help us continue to fight for the 2nd Amendment. Thank you for being a part of our 2A family, we greatly appreciate your support!


    1. Is the Man Can only for men, or is there an option for us women shooters?

    Most IV8888 Man Cans are technically unisex, the exception is when there is a special "HERS" can available during select months. The "HERS" cans will be announced along with the next month's Man Can on or around the 15th of each month.

    2. My state/country has strict gun laws, can I order a Man Can even if I live in _________?

    Yes! We try to make all IV8888 Man Cans 50 state and international compliant*.

    *If there is a knife in the man can (we always let you know in the description), it is up to you to know your local laws before you order your box. If you have any questions about the knife before you order, feel free to email us. We have had some knives removed from packages by Customs.

    3. Do you ship internationally?


    4. When will I receive my Man Can after placing my order?

    Your order is a 'pre-order' - your can will be shipped on or around the 18th-20th of the following month.

    5. What if I realize my address is incorrect after placing my order?

    Send us an email ASAP via the contact form here if you realize it is wrong.

    6. Will Man Cans ever be a subscription-based service such as the other monthly boxes?

    We have launched the subscription service - please make sure you find the correct page!

    7. How many Man Cans are available each month for purchase?

    Until further notice, the quantity will be limited to 1500 units per month. We will increase this quantity as demand increases.

    8. What if I have damaged or missing items after receiving my Man Can – or if I am just plain bummed out?

    We are not perfect - if you think there is a problem with your can - please let us know via the contact form here. Customer satisfaction is a top priority to us!

    9. Why don’t you use real ammunition cans to pack the items?

    We are unable to use actual ammunition cans as they are not cost-effective to ship, due to the additional weight. We are exploring other options.

    10. Why does it cost so much to ship my Man Can Internationally?

    We understand the international shipping costs stink! The majority of the time, we lose money on international shipments. Please note that your international order may ship in a flat rate box, although this is a rare occurrence.

    11. I missed last month's man can, can you notify me when you release next months can?

    Yes, we have an email list set up just for that reason - make sure you are signed up!

    12. I received my tracking number but there is no movement on my shipment.

    Please remember that just because your label has been created (which is when you received your tracking email) does not mean we shipped it on that day. Labels are batch printed prior to packing the boxes. There may be a delay of a few days to pack or even a few additional days if we were shorted materials.